Topic to Write a College Admission Essay

College essays have a huge rule in acceptance and rejection of your application. Essay topics for college students remains a dilemma and make students beg to essay writing service.

Keep the purpose of a college admission essay in mind. It has to convey something that your academic documents fail to do. This essay is one of the major ways you can catch the eye.

If you are looking for what should I write my personal persuasive essay topics about, this blog is prepared for you.

Potential College Essay Topics

When looking for personal writing ideas, creativity and originality are some points to keep in mind. That is why it is recommended to start early.

Here are some personal things to write about:


If you Google, writing topics for college students you will find many linked with stories.

Sharing a personal story is a great way to show your personality and beliefs. This is also an exam of your storytelling skills.

But don’t just tell a story, you have to show your outlook on life or a future perspective.

Write something deeper in the story that makes you unique and different from others.


Here you might share some experience of your life. A battle or an obstacle you may have dealt with. Something that changed you in some way.

It will also include some elements of narrative writing. Share examples and minor details to inject a personal touch. This is what a free essay writer fails to do. You are also welcomed to share what made you mature in a way that may impress the admission committee.

Any Influence

This topic can be broad but it will be highly impressive. Here you can talk about what influences you to accomplish your aims? What do you aspire to become?

These essays are extremely personal and can show your compassion. Write about how someone or something influence you and how will you follow the footsteps.


If you are an international student, share how you can bring diversity to the school.

This is a great way to impress the admission officers but be clear of what diversity means to you. You know, you can’t fake anything in an admission essay!

Example Topics:

Here are some sample topics to write about in college:

  • The most difficult choice you ever made in your life.
  • What, in your view, distinguishes right choice from a wrong one?
  • What is the most diverse aspect of your personality?
  • What would you do if you get $100 million?
  • The best memory of your life.
  • What changes in your personality did you experience in your high school?
  • What keeps you motivated?
  • Do you have any stereotypical views?
  • The favorite historical incident that you would wish to witness in your life.
  • What are the ideals of your life?

If you are not satisfied with the topic you have selected, do not hesitate to ask some professional write my essay for my college admission.

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Have a life of party and good luck!